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2021-12-14 23:27:35 By : Mr. Michael Yue

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Making hemp butter is a long-standing tradition. Many marijuana chefs have experience injecting butter on crock pots or even stoves, but modern chefs have more choices. LEVO II is the second generation oil immersion machine, designed to bring ease and efficiency to the process of making herbal infusions.

LEVO II is a stylish machine that can be perfectly matched with other high-end kitchen appliances. There are five colors to choose from. It has three active settings: dried fresh herbs, decarboxylation of cannabis using the activation function, and infusion of oil or butter. These features-and the entire device itself-are easy to use and clean. The reservoir contains a ceramic-coated safety cup, a metal herb pod, and silicone accessories. All products can be washed in a dishwasher, are Teflon-free and non-toxic. Other accessories are also available on their website for making gummies and other interesting infusion snacks.

The second generation of LEVO has improved the original interface system and added more controls to further customize your herbal infusion experience. You can adjust the temperature to degrees, the timer to minutes, lock the device, and easily cycle through the three settings using the digital screen interface. To dial in further, you can connect to the LEVO app and monitor the infusion from any type of wifi-enabled cell phone or mobile device. The features of LEVO II are low-key and useful, unlike some cannabis technologies that are overdeveloped for nuance. On the contrary, the unit is unique because it is both functional and stylish.

To test LEVO II, I added dried lavender and a little Provence vanilla to the vegan butter. When we enter spring, it feels like it is most pleasant to pair homemade biscuits with local honey. The process of infusing butter is as simple as the function implies. We loosely load the herbs into the Power Pod, make sure to include a Pod protector at the bottom, and place it in a clearly marked location in the reservoir. Then we put the LEVO blender in the middle of the container and put the chopped butter into the chamber.

During this process, the application is in the clutch state. It prompts me to enter the type of plant and carrier oil I will use, and then suggests the most suitable temperature range for the combination. I set the temperature to 170°F and pressed the button with the "play" symbol to start the machine. It exudes a very slight aroma, which is convenient when activating or injecting cannabis, and it does make a noise when it is running. After the set time, the display screen changes to show that the infusion has been completed.

This is where the ease of use really comes into play. Simply place a mason jar under the water outlet and press the "dispense" button to release the infusion into the jar. The reservoir is slightly inclined so that the oil or butter flows naturally to the dispensing straw. Since I used butter that is thicker than oil, I did tilt the device towards the straw to get the last bit of infusion. When making any herbal infusion, there is always a small amount of carrier oil lost; I only lost 1-2 tablespoons of butter with LEVO II.

LEVO extends current infusion technology with its second-generation device. The LEVO II infusion machine is easy to use, but this does not mean that it is a simple product. The process can be customized in many ways, and it can produce more types of food than other infusion devices on the market. In addition to applications that provide temperature recommendations based on LEVO users' personal infusions and recipes, this device is also suitable for medical marijuana patients and professional chefs. In addition, you can use a second Power Pod to increase effectiveness. In addition, the efficiency of the Activate cycle and the tolerances of the equipment allow the maximum THC potency to be extracted from herbal medicines compared to using traditional methods.

From now until April 20th, use the promo code LEVOGREEN to enjoy a 20% discount on the whole site and start your own cannabis chef journey!

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Cara Wietstock is a skilled cannabis practitioner and writer with more than ten years of industry experience. She settled in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son and a small petting zoo. In her free time, she enjoys exciting novels, studies Ashtanga, and hikes on the local mountain trails with her family.

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