1L 3L 5L Lab Rubber Dispersion Kneader Mixer

1L 3L 5L Lab Rubber Dispersion Kneader MixerTechnical parameters:Mixing room total capacity5LMixing chamber effective capacity1LFront and rear rotor speed50/40r/mUpper top bolt cylinder diameter100mmCompressed air pressure0.5~08MpaVapor pressure0.5 ~ 0.8MpaCooling water pressure0.2 ~ 0.4MpaMixing room flip angle130 ° CDraw g

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1L 3L 5L Lab Rubber Dispersion Kneader Mixer

Technical parameters:

Mixing room total capacity


Mixing chamber effective capacity


Front and rear rotor speed


Upper top bolt cylinder diameter


Compressed air pressure


Vapor pressure

0.5 ~ 0.8Mpa

Cooling water pressure

0.2 ~ 0.4Mpa

Mixing room flip angle

130 ° C

Draw gate operation mode


Main motor


Flip motor



1000 × 580 × 1300 (W × D × H) mm




Equipment summary:

With Taiwan technical drawings, advanced technology in China and imported core components, this machine has character itself as environmental-friendly, high-efficiency and good dispersing effect, with human-orientated design and easy to reload and clean, it has been recognized by factory lab, universities and R&D institutions for recipe researching and small-scale production. It can also be used in electric wire, cable, electronics, sole, sports equipment and auto parts industries for rubber, plastic and chemical production mixing and plasticizing.


Detailed Product Description:

This machine is applicable to rubber, plastic and chemical industry. And most suitable kneading application: EVA., rubber, TPR, sole, rubber roller, hoses, belts, sponges, vibration insulator, elastic cord, sealing materials, tire, tapes, master batches, pigment, ink, electric rubber parts, chemical industry compounds.


Advantages of Mixer mixing:

1The mixing time is short, the production efficiency is high, and the quality of the rubber compound is good;

2 The operation capacity of the rubber filling capacity, mixing and other operations is high, the labor intensity is small, and the operation is safe;

3 The compounding agent has small loss of flying, low pollution and hygienic work site.


Pay attention:

1. Regularly check the insulation effect of each line, and always pay attention to the warning content on the machine warning sign.

2. When the moving parts and the mixing chamber are clogged, do not put them into the inside with your hands or iron bars, but use plastic sticks to handle them carefully.

3. Be careful not to get burnt when touching high temperature parts.

4. When there is a leaking powder or a squeaking sound of the sealing ring, first loosen the four screw caps evenly and then screw them in some, then add some material oil or oil in the gap of the rotor in the mixing chamber, then idling 3- At the same time, use a hammer to gently tap the periphery of the sealing ring of the spring side with a hammer. If the powder is leaking, adjust the tightness of the individual springs. If the sealing ring is pressed and the side chamber of the mixing chamber is sinking When it is close, the sealing ring inside is worn out and needs to be replaced again.

Refer to the instruction manual for the method of replacing the sealing ring.

5.Special attention: check the gear oil, oil and grease oil level and lubrication status before starting every day. Pay attention to the oil level of the triple oil cup should not be less than half every day, and observe the change of the triple oil level regularly. Fuel consumption or excessive fuel consumption is abnormal (to adjust the knob of the triplet), the gear oil of the new machine is replaced at the latest half a year, and the lubricating parts should be added at least once a week in the active part, and should not exceed half of the oil mirror when refueling. Otherwise it will cause oil leakage.

6. When the machine fails, the machine stops at the first time.

Unrelated personnel are not allowed to do any action, notify and wait for your mechanic to check and repair.

1L 3L 5L Lab Rubber Dispersion Kneader Mixer
1L 3L 5L Lab Rubber Dispersion Kneader Mixer
1L 3L 5L Lab Rubber Dispersion Kneader Mixer


1.Are your company a trading one or a factory ?

Factory + trade (integration).

2.How to choose the most suitable products?

Our professional team will give you the best suggestion as long as you tell us what kind of test you need to do and the required specification.

3.Do you accept customization service?

Yes, of course, we can not only offer standard machines, but also customized machines according to your request. Don't hesitate to tell us your requirement, we will try our best to meet your needs.

4.How about your warranty?

Generally, our warranty is one year. Within the warranty period, we can offer technique support and part parts change, necessarily, our engineers may go to your place for better service.

5.How about the packing for machine, is it safely protected during transportation?

Our machine is packed by standard export wooden box, it won't be damaged. We've delivered many testing machines abroad by sea or by air without damage.

6.What is the order process?

Inquiry - quotation - communication - order confirming - deposit payment - production - testing and debugging - balance payment - packing - delivery - customer receiving - after service.

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