20K 2000W Ultrasonic Generator Transducer for Automatic Ultrasonic Mask Machine

Transducer Parameter: NameUltrasonic Transducer ModelHD-MT15K-2600WUltrasonic Frequency15±0.5kHzUltrasonic Power2600WattsCapacitance±10%pFResistance≤ΩMax.Allowable Temperature120°CStorage Temperature-5°C-+40°CStorage Humidity60±20%RHSizeH  x φ 0mmGenerator: 20K 2000WAp

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Transducer Parameter:
NameUltrasonic Transducer 
Ultrasonic Frequency15±0.5kHz
Ultrasonic Power2600Watts
Max.Allowable Temperature120°C
Storage Temperature-5°C-+40°C
Storage Humidity60±20%RH
SizeH  x φ 0mm

Generator: 20K 2000W


This ultrasonic welding transducers can be used for Plane mask machine, automatic mask spot welding machine, ultrasonic mask machine, plane mask spot welder, disposable mask machine, non-woven mask machine, ear band mask machine, N95 mask machine, FFP2 mask machine and other mechanical equipment are required. It is equipped with an ultrasonic generator. This supporting equipment is aliased as an electric box and an ultrasonic control box.

Standard ultrasonic welding machine
Non-woven standard mask machine, 20KHZ1200W-2000W, 15KHZ2600W-4200W ultrasonic welding machine Non-woven welding, plastic welding, welding, PVC leather spot welding, ribbon cutting, heat sealing and other multi-functional welding equipment, outer ear tape The mask machine fuses the elastic bands on both sides of the mask body in an ultrasonic manner to complete the finished earband mask. Only one operator needs to place the mask body on the conveyor belt fixture, and the rest of the subsequent actions until the finished product is completed The machine operates automatically, and the output of this machine is higher than that of ordinary earband machines.

20K 2000W Ultrasonic Generator Transducer for Automatic Ultrasonic Mask Machine


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