Ultrasonic Spin-Spray Coater/ Lab Spin Coater/Ultrasonic Spin-Spray Coater Cy- Vtc-300uss

Ultrasonic Spin-Spray Coater (300-3000 rpm, 12" Wafer Max)  CY-VTC-300USSProduct DescriptionCY-VTC-300USS is a cost effective ultrasonic Spin-Spray Coater for liquid-phase, ultra-uniform coating process on a large substrate up to 12". The system consists of (1) a 12" spin coater with

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Ultrasonic Spin-Spray Coater (300-3000 rpm, 12" Wafer Max)  CY-VTC-300USS
Product Description

CY-VTC-300USS is a cost effective ultrasonic Spin-Spray Coater for liquid-phase, ultra-uniform coating process on a large substrate up to 12". The system consists of (1) a 12" spin coater with the vacuum chuck, (2) compressed air assisted ultrasonic spray nozzle mounted on a swing arm, (3) a heatable syringe pump, and (4) a heat lamp system for substrate heating.

Combine the benefits of both spin and spray, enabling dense and uniform liquid-phase coating onto a large substrate
Applications include low-temperature precipitation (e.g., for RF/microwave ferrites deposition), polymer coating, powder and composite material coating, and coating on a patterned / uneven substrate
The system also works on spin alone and spray alone modes
Spin CoaterVacuum chunk with adjustable substrate holders for holding flat substrate up to 12" diameter or 8" square
One oil-less pump for the vacuum chunk is included and controlled by the spin coater
Spin speed: 300 - 3000 rpm adjustable
For safety concerns, the speed is recommended to be limited to 2000 rpm for wafers larger than 8"
Ultrasonic Spray NozzleOne ultrasonic generator with two ultrasonic sprays nozzles with compressed air shaper is included
Two spray nozzles with the KF-25 adapter are included.
One cylindrical type -- narrower spray ~20 mm diameter
One cone type -- wider spray ~40 mm diameter
Recommended compressed air pressure for aqueous solution: ~2 psi
One flow meter is integrated for regulating and monitoring the compressed air flow
Fluid viscosity range: 1 - 50 mPa·s (cP)
One swing arm for mounting ultrasonic spray head is built-in with adjustable speed and movement range        
Heatable Syringe PumpA heatable syringe pump with LCD touch screen control is included for delivering liquid to the ultrasonic nozzle
One 50 mL syringe is included for immediate use. The unit can accommodate syringe with 0.4 - 30 mm diameter
Pumping rate: 0.1 - 45 mm/min adjustable (0.08 mL/min - 35 mL/min for the included 50 mL syringe)
Flexible Polyimide heater with 30 segments programmable temperature controller is built-in for heating up to 75 °C     
Heat Lamp and Control
Duo heat lamps (1000 W max power. Up to 80 ºC) with thermocouple and temperature controller can be ordered at extra cost for heating substrate by radiation (up to 65 ºC with 12" metal substrate) 

CY strongly suggests you to place the spin-spray coater inside a fume hood for health and safety concerns. The spin-spray system without heat lamp can fit intoCY's bench-top fume hood
A secondary ultrasonic spray unit can be ordered and mounted on the swing arm for co-deposition or co-precipitation process
For the above application, an independently controlled, two-channel heatable syringe pump can be ordered at extra cost to replace the standard syringe pump
Vacuum Flash Assembly for DIY Vacuum Flash-Assisted Solution Process (VASP), Up to 5 mTorr is available
Utility RequirementPower: 208 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3000 W in total
Gas: ~2 psi compressed air for the ultrasonic nozzle. Air compressor is also available for order at TN
Net Weight160 lbs
Shipping Weight & Dimensions#1: 423 lbs, 48x40x42"
#2: 155 lbs, 48x40x35"
ComplianceCE Certified
WarrantyOne year limited with lifetime support
Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty
Application NotesPicture on the left shows an example of spin spray coater complete configuration
It is the user's responsibility to understand the risks associated with the process and use proper protections. Solvents and chemicals used for the process may be poisonous, oxidizing, or corrosive. Spinning a large / heavy substrate at high speeds runs the potential risk of substrate flying out and shattering. User is advised to wear protective clothing, mask, goggles, and gloves. The process must be confined in a fume hood (Order at the Optional section) with proper exhaust handling capability. Keep the fume hood sash (window door) lower than the spinner stage during experiments.
The film coating quality depends on the solution viscosity, substrate spin speed, substrate heating, and ultrasonic spray parameters, etc. User is advised to experiment the processing parameters for best results
Do not overflush the water bowl/base with any kinds of liquid. Excess liquid will leak into the motor shaft and cause damage. Please use fabric cloth to wipe out the liquid residues in the bow/base. For more details about the cleaning procedures, please review the cleaning instruction for the spin coaters
In order to achieve optimal coating quality, please consider cleaning the substrate with a plasma cleaner (Click the pictures below for more details) prior to coating. It will significantly reduce the surface tension on the substrates
Reference Articles

Strong Magnetoelectric Coupling in Ferrite/Ferroelectric Multiferroic Heterostructures Derived by Low-Temperature Spin-Spray Deposition
Spin- and Spray-Deposited Single-Walled-Carbon-Nanotube Electrodes for Organic Solar Cells
Rapid Assembly of Functional Nanocomposite Films Using Spin-Spray Layer-by-Layer Processing

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Ultrasonic Spin-Spray Coater/ Lab Spin Coater/Ultrasonic Spin-Spray Coater Cy- Vtc-300uss

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Ultrasonic Spin-Spray Coater/ Lab Spin Coater/Ultrasonic Spin-Spray Coater Cy- Vtc-300uss


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